Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jeff & Kathy's Wedding

My most recent wedding shoot was for Jeff and Kathy. They were so much fun, constantly cracking jokes and laughing the whole time. They are such a sweet couple. Kathy opts for the pet name "Handsome" for her husband instead of the usual, babe, honey or sweetheart. They had to postpone their wedding twice for various reasons but "because they knew they were meant to be together" (as quoted from the best man's speech) they pushed through and were finally able to say their 'I do's'. It's always refreshing to see a couple that have actually been through some "stuff" and are so committed and doting on each other!
I was a little apprehensive when they informed me of the location. I've shot there before and it's very industrial with difficult lighting, which isn't impossible but it just makes my job a little more difficult. Kathy, however, is a talented designer and loves all things sparkly and shiney (my kind of girl!) and was able to transform the sanctuary and reception areas into a beautiful site!

Jeff and Kathy were married in Salem, OR
August 9th, 2009
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Friday, August 22, 2008

What's in a name?

Me, our daughter, Lily, and my husband Jeremy (below)

Okay, here goes...I'm finally doing "the blog thing". I'm pretty new so please forgive me if I break some unwritten blogger rules.

I'm owner/photographer of Mercy's Creation Photography. I'm based in Salem, Oregon but I regularly travel to Washington, California, Idaho and am very busy here in the Willamette Valley. Anyone else out there a "Valley-onian". I am. Born and raised in the valley. I'm even a 4th generation Oregonian (I know 5th is more impressive, but really I take what I can get).

I believe that I have a unique vision when it comes to my outlook on life and my art. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God (as in the Merciful Father, Trinity, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Eliohim, etc...) is the creator of the universe, and we are made in His image. Which is beautiful and perfect (I'm not trying to start a debate here, only trying to explain how I see things). That being said...we, as humans, don't get the horrible life that we deserve because of God's grace and His MERCY. God is the essence of MERCY and we are the crowning glory of His CREATION. I see beauty in everyone. It's my goal as a photographer to capture how God sees us. Thus, my name, Mercy's Creation Photography.

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